What if the minimum wage was raised like Social Security?
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A lot of things are affected by inflation. How come minimum wage isn’t one of them? On today’s show, we get to the bottom of one listener’s question about minimum wage, but we can’t promise the answer is logical. Plus, we explain the big deal with TikTok and check out some weird beers! Here’s everything we talked about on the show today: “These two charts show how much minimum wage workers have fallen behind” from CNN “Why can’t our political system address our biggest problems?” from The Washington Post “When it comes to raising the minimum wage, most of the action is in cities and states, not Congress” from Pew Research Center “Let’s do the numbers on a $15 minimum wage” from Make Me Smart “TikTok rolls out features to help teens’ mental health as Instagram comes under fire” from CNBC “How TikTok went from dance videos to meaningful activism” from Vogue “TikTok becomes the most downloaded app of 2021 first half” from Technotifiction Give now to support the show you love and to get the “Make Me Smart” banana pants and ringtones! Marketplace.org/givesmart.
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