Las Blancas Podcast: Feller fires us to three points!
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On this episode of Las Blancas podcast, hosts Yash Thakur and Kanita discuss Real Madrid’s 2-0 win over Villarreal and discuss the upcoming international break Talking points: Lineup selection and rotation Low stakes in the remainder of the season A 4-4-2 approach on and off the ball by Toril Dominant performance all round Caroline Moller Hansen in a front two Naomie Feller’s brace and her qualities Feller’s fit in the side when everyone is fit How will Weir’s return impact minutes for other players? Tere’s ability on and off the ball Tere’s remarks on Athenea’s statements Addressing Filippa Angeldahl rumors and her fit in the side How is the squad shaping up for the next season? Upcoming games in the international break Did you enjoy this podcast? Please consider supporting us through Patreon for more bonus content: Managing Madrid is a hub for all Madridistas with updated news, op-eds, tactical analyses, artwork, and of course, podcasts. It also serves as a means for Real Madrid fans to connect and discuss the team. We would like your support so that we can continue to produce podcasts for you. The site is run by a small team that works tirelessly around the clock to make it into what it is today. Your contributions will allow us to continue to have a real and full-time presence in keeping this website, and its podcasts, going. Hosts this week: Yash Thakur (@Odriozolite) Kanita (@KaniFroh) Las Blancas (@Las_Blancas) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 05/29/24
On this episode of Las Blancas podcast, hosts Yash Thakur and Kanita discuss Real Madrid’s loss in the Madrid derby and contract renewals. Talking points: Alberto Toril’s urge to shake up things in important games The centerback problem and wrong setup by Toril The goals conceded exposing age...
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