Episode 28 - Lex Pelger, The Inner Workings of a Drug Writer
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Episode 28 - Lex Pelger The inner workings of a drug writer as he shares his perspective, spirit and mind. Lex Pelger - the blazingly prolific writer, podcaster, traveling salon MC and psychedelic love warrior beams in for a candid interview recorded exclusively for the MAPS Podcast. As host of the Psychedelic Salon 2.0 podcast & the Greener Grass podcast, archivist of the Psychedelic History Project and organizer of the Blue-Dot psychedelic storytelling tour Lex has amassed a world view unlike anyone else. The podcast roams the various corners of Lex's well equipped mind as he shares his opinions and experiences on the state of psychedelic research, the current cannabis legal climate, the culture of psychonauts and tales from his own life as a professional "drug writer." Lex is a truly wonderful thinker, hilarious provocateur and gifted writer. Keep up on all his work at www.lexpelger.com
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