15 November | Belt & Wezol Guest Mix
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Change in plans in the last couple of minutes. The #Pure radio show needs to adapt a lot to unexpected circumstances this year. So... We are masters in adaptation and - to be honest - this week you should be listening to someone elses live guest mix (we might have it then as the first one in 2024). Nevertheless, I got a very good replacement to end the guest mix series of 2023 with an interesting dutch duo. Never failing, always surprising. Also with their Youtube sessions during corona times. Theseare two guys to really watch out and check their socials. Please welcome Belt & Wezol. Enjoy #Pure! (MM) TAP HERE! for a small donation (PayPal Link). Thank you very much! Forthcoming at #Pure:  22 Nov - Live With Marco Macaco  29 Nov - Live With Marco Macaco 06 Dec - Resident Sessions  13 Dec - Resident Sessions 20 Dec - Special to be announced (!!) 27 Dec - Year Mix 2023
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Published 02/28/24
On our best year, in 2020, we reached out to almost 500.000 people listening to #Pure from more than 30 countries around the globe. A full decade, that's 10 years of #Pure, is coming to an end and with that I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you out there! One more week to go to then close...
Published 02/28/24
Today we have our last special international guest DJ playing for us. Here's a list of every guest DJ (a-z) who played at #Pure: Alexei & Carlos Kinn, Andre Wallukat, ATFC, Belt & Wezol, Biscits, BRNDM., Brokenears, Crusy, David Penn, DJ SKT, DONT BLINK, Eats Everything, Ferreck Dawn,...
Published 02/21/24