006: Fix Your Feet, Transform Your Health with Dr. Ray McClanahan
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Our guest today is Dr. Ray McClanahan, sports podiatrist and inventor of the revolutionary product Correct Toes. Dr. Ray argues that humans need to maintain the healthy, baby foot shape into adulthood and that there are debilitating consequences when we deviate from what nature intended, I can vouch for that and I’m sure many of you can as well. We walk through who’s to credit for society’s obsession with constrictive, unnatural footwear, and yes, ladies, I’m looking at you. You have to hear Dr. Ray out on how natural foot care can allow not only your feet to heal but other areas of your body as well. Finally, we cover Dr. Ray’s foot rehab protocol in detail so you can put it into practice yourself and take the first step to mastering your physical wellness. There’s lots of useful, actionable advice in the show and after it’s over check out the show notes at masterofhercraft.com.
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