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Heroes are easy to find in Malua Bay. Raj Gupta is a lifesaver. Too humble to talk about his own fire losses, he would rather talk about the patients who come to his Malua Bay pharmacy. He opened it in the wake of the fires and dispensed medicine in the dark for free. Ken Sloan is the man you would want to see if a devastating fire had just ripped through. He runs the South Coast's best opp shop near Malua Bay and on New Year's Eve morning he was following firetrucks into razed farms to give shattered survivors bottles of water. Emily Maguire has been busy giving haircuts and washes to women who have lost their homes. She sends them home with new makeup and hair products. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Has COVID-19 stopped the rebuilding after the bushfires? Dick Adams was a deputy police commissioner but he says he has never seen a disaster of this scale and it is his job to fix the coast. He is a recovery coordinator. His first job is to clear the remnants of razed homes and to rebuild...
Published 04/10/20
Published 04/10/20
Amid the horror, one thing is sure in Malua Bay. No one will be the same. We speak to Lifeline about how they are helping people come to terms with the trauma. Post traumatic stress is already apparent in many who stared down the flames and survived. For information regarding your data privacy,...
Published 03/27/20