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Since 2007 feet have been washing up on beaches around the Salish Sea, whats going on? Is something sinister a-foot? Or is there a logical explaination?Support the Show.JOIN OUR PATREON FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES! www.patreon.com/whatkastBUY US A BEER! www.buymeacoffee.com/whatkast
Published 06/09/24
Will Duffy, the mastermind behind the "final experiment" to Antarctica to finally prove or disprove The Flat Earth joins me on this special bonus episode to chat about his motivation to prove or disprove this theory.crowdfund...
Published 06/06/24
Just returned from Menorca, thought i would share my experiences..Plus as the search for a "flat earther" with the guts to seek the truth in Antarctica continues, i rant about the stupidity of the people still supporting this cult.Support the Show.JOIN OUR PATREON FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES!...
Published 06/04/24