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Majid looks back on a weird week in Trump land as Sleepy Don angles for a mistrial then looks ahead to day one of the jury trial. Insiders are betting on a guilty verdict. Grant Stern from Occupy Democrats joins for the Big Conversation. Listen now!
Published 04/22/24
Majid breaks down the battle between Donald Trump and Judge Juan Merchan.  Will order in the court be restored or will Trump continue to press his luck until he's found in contempt? Find out all this and more as Majid is joined by Talking Feds host Harry Litman. 
Published 04/19/24
On the premiere episode of The Defiant Podcast, Majid spotlights the ongoing GOP meltdown precipitated by the Arizona abortion ruling. Continued overreach by GOP extremists has galvanized Democrats and promises to change the calculus for the 2024 election as voters wake up to what will happen if...
Published 04/15/24