Ep. 553: EXCLUSIVE - The Otter Mauling Victims Speak Out
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In this exclusive interview, Steven Rinella talks with otter mauling victims, Jennifer Royce, Stephanie Johnson, and Leila Pavolich. Janis Putelis and Spencer Neuharth join. Topics discussed: FTO and missing half your ear; the frequency of otter attacks over time; donate to the Bob Patten Endowment for the Kent State University Experimental Archaeology Laboratory so you can see more bison butchery experiments with Clovis points; the bison skull with a bullet hole at the MeatEater flagship store in Bozeman, MT;  Jani’s "Unga Bunga Test"; our interview with the American hunters facing potential prison time in Turks and Caicos; different views on Governor tags; finding a husband for Stephanie; floating on inner tubes down the Jefferson River; when otters were your favorite animal; doing a body roll; the importance of dry bags; just how thankful you are when SOS works on your phone; the landowner and the trooper to the rescue; hundreds of stitches; lingering emotional trauma; having a sense of humor about it as a way to help heal; strapping on the dive knife for next time; and more.  Connect with Steve, MeatEater, and The MeatEater Podcast Network Steve on Instagram and Twitter MeatEater on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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