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On this episode of the MeidasTouch Podcast: Trump and the GOP face instant backlash following this week’s decision by the Arizona Supreme Court and are left scrambling to do damage control; Trump’s attempt to delay his criminal trial is denied – again; Republicans tank their own bill in the House; The Biden Administration announces major new policies; The Democrats’ fundraising lead continues to grow; and more! Ben, Brett and Jordy break it down.\ Deals from our sponsors! Manukora: Try Honey With Superpowers™! Head to to get 3 FREE Gifts with your Starter Kit - a $25 value! Oracle: Take a free test drive of OCI at VIIA: Head to and use code MEIDAS to receive 15% off + one free sample of their sleepy Dreams gummies. Hiya: Go to to receive 50% off your first order! Remember to subscribe to ALL the MeidasTouch Network Podcasts: MeidasTouch: Legal AF: The PoliticsGirl Podcast: The Influence Continuum: Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen: The Weekend Show: Burn the Boats: Majority 54: Political Beatdown: Lights On with Jessica Denson: On Democracy with FP Wellman: Uncovered: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on Donald Trump’s latest stock filing where he throws his auditor under the bus who he used for his prior stunt to go public. Lomi: Visit and use code MEIDAS at checkout to save $50! Visit for more! Join us...
Published 05/18/24
Published 05/18/24
On today’s episode of the MeidasTouch Podcast: The Trump trial concludes for the week as Trump’s lawyers cross-examine Michael Cohen; Even more Trump stooges show up at court in their most humiliating display yet; MeidasTouch gets mentioned during the trial; President Biden’s brilliant debate...
Published 05/17/24