Discussing β-lactamase/β-lactamase inhibitors (AAC Ed.)
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Novel β-lactamase/β-lactamase inhibitors have become critical drugs to combat the most resistant Gram-negative infections. A series of new compounds with even more broad and potent activity are in the horizon to add to the therapeutic armamentarium. Today, we will discuss these drugs with experts in the field. Topics discussed: BL/BLI combinations that are currently available in clinical practice. Future perspectives of BL/BLI armamentarium. Resistance developing for this class of antibiotics. Guests: Robert Bonomo. Professor, Department of Medicine, Pharmacology and Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Case Western Reserve University, Director of VA CARES Center, Cleveland, OH Patricia A. Bradford Antimicrobial Development Specialists LLC, Nyack, New York, USA This episode is brought to you by the Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy journal available at aac.asm.org. If you plan to publish in AAC, ASM Members get up to 50% off publishing fees. Visit asm.org/membership to sign up. Visit journals.asm.org/journal/aac to browse issues and/or submit a manuscript.
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