Vaccines for COVID19: A Critical Appraisal with Dr. Carol Baker (AAC ed.)
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The speed of development of vaccines for COVID-19 has been unprecedented, exceeding expectations. A reflection of the process and lessons for the future. A conversation with Dr. Carol Baker.  Topics discussed: The vaccine development for COVID-19 and key elements in the initial success Understand the clinical data leading to approval of the vaccines  Comment on the future of vaccines with implementation of new technologies Guest: Dr. Carol Baker: Professor of Pediatrics and University of Texas Health Science Center, McGovern Medical School. 2019 Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal Recipient and member of the National Academy of Medicine. Visit to browse issues and/or submit a manuscript. Subscribe to Editors in Conversation (free) on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Android, Spotify, Email.
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We can probably all agree that any false positive test result is bad, but I think it’s safe to say that some false positives, like a false positive HIV test for example, is much more anxiety provoking than others. And when it comes to HIV, there have been a number of key advances in the field...
Published 02/24/23
Published 02/10/23
Novel β-lactamase/β-lactamase inhibitors have become critical drugs to combat the most resistant Gram-negative infections. A series of new compounds with even more broad and potent activity are in the horizon to add to the therapeutic armamentarium. Today, we will discuss these drugs with experts...
Published 02/10/23