Innovative Clinical Trials for COVID-19 (AAC ed.)
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During the pandemic, the need to develop therapeutic approaches became critical and so the need to study them in a structured way to critically evaluate their effectiveness. Innovative strategies to conduct clinical trials under difficult circumstances were required. We will discuss these strategies with some people who created them! Objectives: • Understand the main challenges to conduct clinical trials in the middle of a pandemic both in the developed and developing world • Discuss strategies for patient recruitment and evaluation. • Deliberate on future strategies to study new therapies for emerging pathogens. Guests: • David Boulware, MD MPH. Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases, University of Minnesota. • Eduardo López-Medina, MD. Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Universidad del Valle, and Director of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Centro Medico Imbanaco, Cali Colombia.
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We can probably all agree that any false positive test result is bad, but I think it’s safe to say that some false positives, like a false positive HIV test for example, is much more anxiety provoking than others. And when it comes to HIV, there have been a number of key advances in the field...
Published 02/24/23
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