Capt. Mike Holliday - "Mexico Returns"
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Mike Holliday’s spectrum in the fishing realm has been expansive and varied. He graduated with a degree in Marine Science but his adventurous mind pursued many facets, including time as an ocean lifeguard EMT, an extensive writer authoring six books, editor of two magazines and had bylines for ESPN, and The Miami Herald. He also worked as a marketing visionary for two major companies during their infancy, Maverick Boats and Costa Sunglasses, both became giants of our sport. He also authored seven books and was a highly sought after guide for close to 40 years. All along he's watched the slow decline of his beloved resource, which has ultimately lead him to his finest hour as a conservationist. He’s driven to save the habitat and fish he loves so deeply. And his voice has incredible impact, inspiring fellow guides and anglers alike to join his army. Working with Captains For Clean Water, he and many others convinced Tallahassee, lawmakers, and Governor DeSantis to “Kill The Bill 2508” which was a success. Hell Yea! Holiday doesn’t dabble with anything he puts his mind to. He engages, grows and refines his craft he’s committed himself to. His energy is infectious. I know that whenever i’m going to be in his presence good things happen, just like on this compelling podcast with him. It’s impossible to dislike the guy, because his attention to you is true to his core.... No b******t with Mike Holliday. Sure we all like to joke around, but when Mexico is in town, just stand back, watch and listen, it’s a hell of a ride! We dare you not to love HIM! Thanks so much for coming on, Mike!
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