The Top 13 Money Secrets That No One Teaches But You Need to Know - Summer Reboot
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Learn the top 13 money secrets that no you need to know in this special summer reboot episode.
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This episode is your masterclass in everything you need to know about home owner's and renter's insurance. Steve Lekas, co-founder and CEO of Branch Insurance, is here to educate and demystify all things homeowner’s insurance.  We talk about it all, how much insurance should you have, how to save...
Published 09/28/21
Every Sunday I’m going to be answering your questions in these special Shannah Shares community Q&A episodes. Sometimes I’ll tackle a single question and sometimes it might be multiple questions, so keep tuning in. Today’s Community question comes from Robbie: "Hi there, Shannah, thanks so...
Published 09/26/21
Do you remember who talked to you about money? For most of us, the answer to that question is no one, really. In fact, a recent study by Quicken revealed that one-third of adults said no one taught them about money when they were a child and in turn, are twice as likely to delay talking to their...
Published 09/24/21