The Chicago Blues: A Cautionary Tale from America’s Second City
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Oh, Chicago. Where did we go wrong? With our shocking fiscal crisis, looming and potentially crippling property tax hikes, rampant crime, out flight of businesses and youth, crumbling infrastructure, education system mired in corruption and under performance, rising cost-of-living...the list of ills goes on and on. What can Chicago teach the rest of the nation? Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Here we diagnose the patient and, hopefully, suggest a way out of the mess for our beloved yet beleaguered city. Ted Dabrowski of the Illinois Policy Institute has been studying this issue in depth and joins us alongside Donald Haider, a one-time mayoral candidate and esteemed professor at Northwesterns Kellogg School of Management. Interesting to this conversation is the input of our listeners. Some think our days are numbered. Others see a bright future for this beautiful town. (Cartoon courtesy of Eric Allie. Even more of Mr. Allies work here)
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