Monday Random Thoughts - Whatever negative energy or thoughts are thrown your way, don’t let them stop your shine.
Published 05/15/23
In this bonus episode, Tito is encouraging entrepreneurs to be consistent with their brand post online. He believes that consistency is the key to staying relevant online.
Published 05/04/23
Episode 36 provides a reality check for entrepreneurs. Yes, entrepreneurship isn’t a bed of roses and with all that’s going on, Tito says monitor and safe guard your Health. When you are overwhelmed, it’s okay to step back, you have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.
Published 04/27/23
This snippet delves into disconnect in friendships. *You are Resilient when you can bounce back from bad fallouts with friends, family and co-workers. Always feel free to do what’s best for you, disconnect - focus your energies elsewhere - prioritise your self care.
Published 04/23/23
As an entrepreneur, you always just have to Go For It!! Trust me, you owe it to yourself because you are worth it. This episode encourages entrepreneurs to just Go For It!!
Published 04/23/23
Welcome to another Chat and Chill episode featuring Journalist, Jermine Abel. Abel is one of the leading journalists in St. Kitts and Nevis, who has over the years become a household name within the multimedia landscape of the twin-island Federation. As a senior journalist employed by SKNVIBES, Abel gives context about small media houses in general, delves into on the job realties, his path into journalism as well as his professional development track. Abel also expounds on his role in the...
Published 04/11/23
Snippet about allowing people to recover from what they are going through…….
Published 04/03/23
Surround yourself with like-minded individuals. This snippet advises listeners to run away from negative people. Sometimes people can’t help but be negative and so when you don’t have anything to prove to them, run away from them & give them their space.
Published 03/28/23
One of the key aspects of being an entrepreneur is that, you have to have a solid plan. When you do, you are able to think fast, think on your feet and execute quickly. So Tito outlines something’s to do as a potential entrepreneur…….
Published 03/11/23
As an Entrepreneur, you will be faced with trials and tribulations, how you overcome them is entirely up to you but remember that readjusting is an option, taking a break is an option, re-evaluating your business model is an option and also taking a backseat and allowing someone else to take charge of the operation is also an option. This episode speaks to having more time for you and not allowing anybody to define what your success is.
Published 03/08/23
As Social Media Users, there is a hope that our content may one day go Viral. In this short snippet by Tito, he simply encourages Social Media users to Navigate the space with an intention to spread positivity. 
Published 02/26/23
This bonus episode is a snippet about Building Your Brand On Social!!!
Published 02/22/23
This episode focuses on Social Media specifically Facebook. Our host speaks about Facebook making Professional Mode available to users.
Published 02/07/23
In this snippet, Tito reminds listeners that their Mental Health is a priority. He shares some tips on how to take care of you.
Published 02/06/23
This is another bonus episode. In everything you do be thankful & always remember APPRECIATION remains the easiest way of getting what you don't have.
Published 02/02/23
When you are planning to open a business, ensure you know your why? This is very important so that you can adjust and re-evaluate when needs be.
Published 01/25/23
Life Is Short, Life is Precious: Smile at the obstacles because nothing lasts forever. Live & let live.
Published 01/24/23
Whatever success you achieve in business, ensure you celebrate it. Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, you have taken a huge risk so see that as a huge success. This episode encourages you to trod on, you got this!!
Published 01/09/23
This is another bonus snippet that speaks to violence. Let's help our youths today.
Published 01/08/23
2023 is all about you, make changes so that you can be productive! This episode speaks about making commitments for 2023, short but straight to the heart!!!
Published 01/05/23
This is another snippet episode where our host encourages listeners to speak to a therapist. If you are going through a rough patch, just talk to someone, don’t cry alone.
Published 01/05/23
In this episode, the message is simple, make the right choices.
Published 12/29/22
This episode is speaking directly to People Pleasers: Learn to Say No, Put Yourself first and have others respect you!!
Published 12/26/22
In this snippet, Tito says Stop Pleasing people, as he talks about People Pleasers……
Published 12/23/22
Thinking is hard work...Few engage in it....Many would seek to critique it but the Journey goes on. We hope to create a safe space for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and those persons who are uncertain about the entrepreneurship journey. We will be sharing our story and providing social media tips and tricks. In addition, we will keep you up to date with the latest social media happenings. Mind A Bobble goal is to empower Entrepreneurs who lack confidence. Join the train as we take off.
Published 12/22/22