Episode Two: Working Mom Mornings with Alyaa Ramli
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Alyaa Ramli is climbing the corporate ladder. She works extremely hard and is very good at her job (bias friend in me speaking). Alyaa and I speak about meshing together a work-home-life routine that works for her and her family, and how she still did-it-all during MCO. 
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A long overdue follow up to my conversation with Siu Lim (sorry guys, it's just been a mom couple of weeks..) I share on what my Me Time looks like, and how Siu Lim has integrated solo mom-kid time with each of her children. I braced myself for what's to come when Bao gets to Yusuf's age, and i...
Published 09/15/20
Siu Lim is an icon of healthy living in Kuala Lumpur. Known as a pilates instructor who will make you cry on the reformer, Siu Lim co-parents her four kids while living as an expat in Malaysia. We break down her decision on why she divorced her ex-husband and what we can do to support a friend...
Published 08/21/20
Nadiah Hamzah is an awesome local director. I have admired ever since I watched her feature film, Motif last year. She is "Mom" to six-year-old Zara. We swap birthing stories, discuss how Nadiah battles mom-guilt while being on set, and how she has gotten over her WebMD obsession. 
Published 08/03/20