Moms Moving On (Unfiltered): Disneyland Parenting; Maybe it Isn't All Bad; with co-host Jess Evans
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We're sure you've heard the term "Disneyland Parent" from friends, family or maybe even your lawyer. What exactly is a Disneyland parent, and is it really a terrible thing for your children? This week on Unfiltered, Michelle and Jess share their insight on Disneyland parenting and their experiences both personally and in coaching. Together they will cover: What is a Disneyland parent Letting go of control in co-parenting Shifting your perspective that maybe this could be helpful for your co-parent in the beginning AND MUCH MORE Jess is a single mom of two, Michelle’s assistant and lead coach at Moms Moving On. She has worked alongside Michelle for years and takes a child centered approach to co-parenting. Jess was a SAHM while going through her divorce in 2018 and the thought of spending time away from her kids broke her heart. She quickly learned that it isn’t always about the quantity of time spent with her kids, rather the quality. Her and her children live in Wisconsin and love everything the Midwest has to offer. As a family, they enjoy watching football, playing golf, getting outside and creating fun memories together. When Jess is not with her kids, she is spending time with her new partner, golfing and enjoying time with her girlfriends. As a child of divorce who has no relationship with her father, Jess wanted to ensure her children grew up having a strong relationship with both of their parents. As a coach, Jess is passionate about empowering her clients and helping them move on emotionally after the divorce is final. She works closely with her clients to help them find new ways to fill their cup as they enter the world of co-parenting. She also enjoys working with clients to create a child-centered parenting plan that is fine tuned to avoid any grey area. If you are looking for support during or after the divorce, Jess would be honored to work with you. Find Jess on Instagram: @mmocoachjess Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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