The Truth About Relationships You Didn't Know You Needed to Hear: with Renowned Relationship Specialist Mark Groves
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There are often times we have to hear some truths about relationships that we may not want to hear, but that are important in order to learn, grow and heal. This week, Michelle Dempsey-Multack is joined by the renowned relationship specialist Mark Groves to really dig deep into relationships and unpack some difficult topics. Together Michelle and Mark will cover: Choosing what you need vs what society tells you that you need Knowing what is not right for you One person can never be doing the work of two people, and that you are unable to change your partner Breaking unhealthy patterns AND SO MUCH MORE Mark Groves is a Human Connection Specialist, founder of Create the Love, host of the Mark Groves Podcast and co-author of Liberated Love. Mark's work bridges the academic and the human, inviting people to explore the good, the bad, the downright ugly, and the beautiful sides of connection. Links: Order Liberated Love here! Website: + Podcast: Instagram: @createthelove Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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