Glitches in the Matrix
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The Matrix is a commonly used name for an artificial simulated reality in which people live, breath, and exist. Usually these people are unaware of their existence being that of a computer generated construct. The use of the name ‘The Matrix’ for an artificial reality became popular after the film of the same name released. Since then there have been hundreds of reported “glitches in the matrix”, these are strange, seemingly unexplainable, occurrences that lend weight to the idea that we are all living in a simulated reality. Support us: Our links:
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In this episode we have a spooky listener story as well as some of our patron's burning questions! Xmas DnD: [email protected] Support us:
Published 12/02/21
Published 12/02/21
Although it’s never been photographed there are an alarming number of sightings of a 5 - 6 foot red worm that lurks around the Gobi desert. According to sightings, the Mongolian death worm is a long, sausage-like sandworm, dark red in color with spikes jutting out of both ends of its shapeless...
Published 11/29/21