MTO Presents: Windfall
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Hi folks, this is D.J. Sylvis, your creator - well, the creator of Moonbase Theta, Out - which is not at all what we're bringing you today! We're giving some space to a fantastic show that I've been a fan of and fascinated by and absolutely gush over - and that is a sci-fi audio drama called Windfall.  Transcript here. Windfall is - okay, it's a sci-fi show, as advertised, but it's also this feudal adventure story - like if you crossed Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones, this would be their captivating but awfully dangerous child. It's an epic story told on the small scale - focusing on characters literally at the bottom of this social strata, low-level criminals hounded by the police, by the queen up above, unable to protect their family or what lives they've managed to scrape together - it's a personal tale of fighting an absolutely crushing system - sounds a little familiar to fans of our show, right? I think you'll find so much in this story to captivate you.  The first season of Windfall is available everywhere you listen to your podcasts, and they're currently fundraising for Season Two! Believe me, once you listen, you're going to be CLAMOURING for Season Two. You can help support their efforts and get some kick-ass perks including access to a live performance, deleted scenes, and other cool stuff. Take a listen to the episode we're sharing here, and then go to to find out how you can help make more of this story. Please, please, we need more Windfall. I need more Windfall. Listen, share and enjoy!  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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