MTO All Your Base - Episode 3: Gamma
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Moonbase Gamma is well into their shutdown sequence when Dr. Andie Kashyap decides to make a desperate move. Transcript here. Moonbase Theta, Out: ALL YOUR BASE is an eight-episode flashback miniseries that will dive into the day to day of life on the Moon before the shutdown, through the eyes – and voices – of all-new characters in each location! FEATURING: Anjali Kunapaneni (they/them) as Dr. Andie Kashyap. Special appearances by David S. Dear as Dr. Just and Cat Blackard as Maria L'Anglois. Consortium announcer is Evan Tess Murray. Written and sound designed by D.J. Sylvis. Produced by D.J. Sylvis and Cass McPhee. We wouldn’t be here without our monthly supporters on Patreon, who also get weekly updates, behind the scenes info, and more - all for as little as a dollar a month! They're also getting access to every episode of All Your Base well before the rest of the world. So if you like what you're hearing and can't wait for more, join us today! Theme music is "Star" by the band Ramp: Cover art for the All Your Base series created by Aaron Lenk: Episode Transcript: More show information: Learn about our Network sponsors and other great shows: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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