Mycoprotein: A Sustainable Future Food
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A lot is to blame for the climate crisis, one of the most dire being our excessive meat consumption. A possible solution? Fungi.  For animal agriculture to keep up with the demand, we are compensating for safety, animal welfare, and sustainable practices that are emitting methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. Even deforestation is an impact of global demand for meat and other animal products. Thankfully with education and/or commercialization of new fungi and plant based products, we have a real shot at satiating the population’s “meattooth”. Mushrooms are already a trusty meat alternative, and now with biotechnology we can partner with fungi in innovative ways. We are joined by Paul Shapiro, the CEO of The Better Meat Co., where his team is partnering with a neurospora species to quickly ferment a mycoprotein they call Rhiza, which contains more protein than eggs, more iron beef, more fiber than oatmeal, and even contains b12.  Topics Covered: Meeting the global demand for meat — at what cost?Practical alternatives to animal products, especially meatsPaul’s recent book on cellular agriculture, or lab-grown meatThe future of our protein source and how our current practices will be rememberedHow to brew mycoproteinFermentation science and nutritional value of mycoproteins, specifically RhizaThe ease, and the challenges, of scaling a mycoprotein Show Notes: The Better Meat Co. : Paul Shapiro Website: Paul Shapiro’s Talks: Clean Meat Book:
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