Brewing a Revolution with Fungi: The Next Generation of Cannabinoids
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Researchers at Hyasynth Bio are using fungi to brew cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. Using a method called biosynthesis, the Montreal-based team has engineered brewers yeast to manufacture cannabinoids within their cells. This methods results in compound with a level of potency and purity not previously seen in the cannabis industry.  Today we have the pleasure of speaking with  co-founder and metabolic engineer at Hyasynth Bio — Alex Campbell.   Topics Covered: Origin story and technology of Hyasynth BioHow yeasts can be used as molecular factories Metabolic pathways in yeasts and how they can be engineeredPerspectives on genetic engineeringFarming cannabinoids with microbes, especially yeastsResource requirements for growing cannabis plants, how that compares to methods in biotechnologySlime mold enzymes rendering phytocannabinoid precursorsEnzyme prospecting and R&DCBD, THC and other cannabinoid benefits to human healthShow notes: Hyasynth Bio Website: brew cannabis using hacked beer yeast: Risen from yeast: THC : article: Figi’s Story:,epilepsy%20that%20starts%20in%20infancyPain, Pus & Poison Documentary series:
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