Psychedelic Education & Mycelial Technologies - Darren Le Baron
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Darren Le Baron, aka Darren Springer, joins us  to talk about his work in psychedelic education around the globe. We ran into his glowing presence at Telluride Mushroom Fest, in the midst of his spore-spreading travels. Specifically, Darren teaches permaculture, mushroom cultivation,  mycology, and Pan-African history of mushrooms & other psychedelics. We discuss his nomadic education and research, how fungi are a fundamental natural technology, the life-giving roles of decomposition, and personal use of mushrooms. Topics Covered: Darren's voyages overseas to spread his teachings and skills to communities around the globePan-African historical use of psilocybe mushrooms and other psychedelicsHow Darren navigates the flow of learning and teaching in the psychedelic spaceDualities, paradoxes and puzzlesAcknowledging organic systems as technologies  Show Notes: Darren Le Baron's Website: Darren's Patreon: Kew's State of the World's Fungi: Hermetic Principles: Breaking Convention Psychedelic Conference: Documented Psilocybe Species in 2000 byGastón Guzmán:
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