Starting A Family | Do We Want Kids?
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Today we share how we really feel about starting a family, Follow Katy   IG:  YT:   Follow Jon  IG:  YT: Topics covered: Do we want kids? Biggest Fear of having kids? How our parents feel? Pressures from social media? Have we been trying? Boy or girl? Public or Private School? How many? Would we still live in LA? Lifestyle adjustments Names we like Family traditions we want to continue Have we always felt this way or did our feelings change?
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Today we cover everything from the quarantine 15, movie studios offering movies in theater available for streaming, and supporting small businesses.   FOLLOW US //   KATY //  INSTAGRAM -  TWITTER -  STATIC JON //  INSTAGRAM -...
Published 03/24/20
Today Katy shares her recent experience of going on a self discovery retreat, we cover everything from the progress she's made to her new outlook on life.
Published 03/18/20
Today we do our version of a true crime podcast with a story about a recent break in that happened at our office. Do you guys think this happens more often now or we're just more aware and connected now? To see the security footage, watch the video here -
Published 02/26/20