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All creatives out there desire good health so that they can execute their work smoothly. In this episode, I open up about how I suffered and dealt with metal health unknowingly during COVID-19 lockdown. After sharing with some of my creative friends, it occurred to me that they were also going through the same challenges. Do not suffer in silence please. You can talk to someone, join circles with similar interests and see how they are coping. Remember, mental health is real and it starts with you!
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In this episode, I share my thoughts on the future of Creative Arts. I can’t undermine the fact the future of creatives across the world is bright and we are capable of changing the world with our innovative ideas! We have come to the end of my first Santos Edits series. Thank you so much for...
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Have you ever been dumped because of your work? Well, it happened to me! One of my ex-girlfriends couldn’t stand me editing all the time! In this episode, I passionately dive into my love life and why it is important to balance your work and relationship as a creative. You can also share your...
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