Music manager Sophia Chang on Wu-Tang Clan, fearlessness and not giving a f***
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Sophia takes off her signature Gucci leather fedora, settles into Catt's leather chair and tells us about what it takes to be the "baddest bitch in the room" (which is also the title of her recently released memoir). Sophia is a longtime music industry powerhouse who has managed everyone from GZA and RZA, to Raphael Saadiq and D'Angelo. In this interview, she talks about wishing she was white as a young girl, how a song changed her life in 12th grade, and why she skipped her college graduation to move to New York. Sophia also talks about how she went to painstaking lengths to avoid the spotlight throughout her career (she even had her images scrubbed from google!); why she eventually decided to "pay the price of fame" and write a memoir; and how Buddhism has shaped her spirituality.  Also in this episode, Sophia and Catt talk about what it's like raising teenagers -- and Catt shares her concerns over raising her sons in a "privileged" L.A. life, and what she does to mediate that. 
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