Avoiding Financial Scams and Changing Your Money Mindset
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Protect yourself from sophisticated holiday shopping scams and explore the psychology behind changing your money mindset. 01:07 This Week in Your Money: Hosts Sean Pyles and Sara Rathner discuss tactics for avoiding three common money scams, including social media ad scams, charity scams, and gift card scams. 10:08 Today’s Money Question: Sean and Sara answer a listener’s question about how to change your money mindset. They discuss methods you can use to understand your current attitudes and behaviors towards money, the emotional connection to money and the stories we tell ourselves about our finances. They explain how past experiences and family dynamics can shape your money mindset, and offer tips for identifying and potentially changing harmful money habits. They also provide three clear steps for shifting your money mindset. In their conversation, the Nerds discuss: holiday shopping scams, social media ad scams, charity scams, gift card scams, safe payment methods, financial attitudes, wealth, personal finances, money habits, financial self-awareness, money management, mindset shifting, impulse buys, financial goals, online shopping, fraud protection, financial challenges, financial empowerment, money mindset, financial management, saving habits, spending habits, financial growth, budgeting, impulse purchases, reverse budgeting, money mindset transformation, holiday fraud, and personal finance psychology. To send the Nerds your money questions, call or text the Nerd hotline at 901-730-6373 or email [email protected]. Like what you hear? Please leave us a review and tell a friend.
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