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This is the Network Marketing Truths Podcast, and I'm your host Martene Wallace, a proud Digital Gypsy, Network Marketer and international speaker certified in high performance coaching, empowered with the mindset and skills to transform every aspect of your life, if you are willing.  I was working as a registered nurse before I decided to follow my gut and start an online business. This way, I get to spend quality time travelling full time with my family while earning a living by helping families create an income online, plus having  a shit tonne of fun along the way! Network marketing has been the go-to platform where I get to live my passion and create life exactly how I dreamt it to be. Network marketing is right for you irrespective of your age, education or where you come from, provided you come with an open mind to learn, and develop the right skill sets for it. In this podcast, I’ll be sharing network marketing truths. All of it, including the good, and not so good. I'll be guiding you on how to erase that jaded feeling you may have about network marketing. You’ll learn about the most misunderstood industry on the planet, and the magnificent thing, known as residual income which is something every family needs.  What You’ll Learn on Network Marketing Truths: - The beauty of Network Marketing, the most misunderstood profession - What residual income in network marketing could mean for you and your family - How to handle and understand the negative opinions of others when starting your own business - Inspiring stories, truth and tips from people in the network marketing space who have actually done it, and created their version of success.  If you are not sure if network marketing is for you, feel stuck, not knowing where to start, maybe had a bad experience or you've lost faith in your passion for network marketing, this podcast is for you. Join me on this enlightening journey as I show you how you can have your cake and eat it too! You will likely know people who need this, and who it could help, so please share with them so they can learn some network marketing truths.  Resources: - My website https://www.martenewallace.com/  - Our Adventures at Free to Explore https://www.freetoexplore.co/  - Find me on Facebook: https://facebook.com/martenewallace  - Find me on Instagram https://instagram.com/martenewallace  - Find me on Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC6ZSTmhfAfhwRT723P_TaJg
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