Hero donkeys and Biodiversity Month
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On today's show we'll: Meet some hero donkeys, explore our backyards, cheer on two amazing sports stars, celebrate International Day of Sign Languages, and examine ancient treasure. QUIZ QUESTIONS: 1. What is the name of the donkey adoption program? 2. What question does Junior Landcare want kids to answer? 3. How many Grand Slam singles titles has Serena Williams won? 4. What date is International Day of Sign Languages? 5. What were the stones called that were found in Germany? BONUS TRICKY QUESTION: What two dinosaur species did the footprints in Texas belong to? ANSWERS: 1. Last Stop Donkey Program 2. "What's in your backyard?" 3. 23 4. 23rd of September 5. Hunger stones BONUS TRICKY ANSWER: Acrocanthosaurus and sauroposeidon
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Published 11/25/22
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Published 11/25/22
QUIZ QUESTIONS: 1. What is the name of the group that trained Sal? 2. What problem did Hermidale have three years ago? 3. Where in Perth was the new bee discovered? 4. What state are the Kaurna from? 5. What is the gorilla's mum's name? ANSWERS: 1. Australian Lions Hearing Dogs 2....
Published 11/18/22