Happy Thanksgiving and happy Hanukkah! Since it's a holiday week, we're giving you a "quick dip" of the news this week.
Published 11/24/21
Kid News This Week: Toxic air shuts schools in Delhi, special report from space launch, Sikhs celebrate Gurpurab and locusts on EU “novel food” list
Published 11/17/21
Will COP26 help save the planet? Indian’s floating solar power station, California high school’s bad win and the blue banana
Published 11/10/21
Kid News This Week: "Festival of Lights" explained, Diwali around the world, artificial intelligence and Beethoven’s 10th, Ireland’s microplastic sucker
Published 11/03/21
Kid News This Week: Scary honeybee and candy news, Halloween’s history, Spain’s witchy village, shadow scientists in deep space, Mexico’s doll island
Published 10/27/21
Kid News This Week: Microchip smaller than an ant can fly! Kerala's floods cause exodus, California's under-house snake pit, “pig patrol” foils airport geese threat in N'lands
Published 10/20/21
Kid News This Week: Mosquitoes – swat or swap them? Britain’s beavers are back, cleaner cling-film and cow-poo zapper
Published 10/13/21
Mega comet near sun in 10 years, box office highs but threat of workers strike, UK petrol crisis and Thailand’s taxi-top gardens
Published 10/06/21
Goodbye Newsy Jacuzzi hello Newsy Pooloozi! Cricket also gets name-change, UK spends millions on carbon suckers and new spider app
Published 09/29/21
Private citizens spend three days in space, artificial intelligence lends a helping hand, Spain’s spewing volcano, Germany’s Moo-Loo
Published 09/22/21
India’s four-month festival season starts, “fan-plastic” biodegradable food wrap, Emma Raducanu wows world and Ig Nobel prizes
Published 09/15/21
US flash flood havoc, tuna back from brink of extinction, first Asian superhero “marvels” box office, Japanese artist “out of the box”
Published 09/08/21
Ancient "god of death" whale fossil found, hurricane explainer, new spit-free baseball, flying cows and hearty sheep
Published 09/01/21
Know when and where lightning strikes, new vaccine for kids on the block, longest vaccination trek, Int'l Dog Day, bumblebee pet
Published 08/25/21
Move over Zeppelins, airships get a rebirth, turmoil as Taliban takes over Afghanistan and apes like to mind their manners
Published 08/18/21
Olympic joy and good sportsmanship, India’s hockey triumphs, lifesaver for diseased coral and underwater sculpture museum
Published 08/11/21
High tech mouth-guards for impact sports, surfing and skateboarding Olympic-style, new app for International Cat Day and the two-headed turtle!
Published 08/04/21
Last of our slim summer “quick dips” into world news, followed by a guest episode from the Curious Kid Podcast (Curious About Sharks)!
Published 07/28/21
We slim down for summer this July with our "quick dip" of world news, followed by a guest episode from the Cool Facts About Animals podcast (Mega Plastic episode)!
Published 07/21/21
Hear our "quick dip" of world news, as we slim down for summer, followed by a guest episode from The Dorktales Storytime (Hidden History) podcast!
Published 07/14/21
Hear the top five stories our loyal listers nominated as their favorite covered on Newsy Jacuzzi during our first year!
Published 07/07/21
Hear your favorite stories from Year One plus our best (and worst!) bloopers
Published 06/30/21
Movie planned about “tree talk” pioneer, new cricket bamboo bat, Spanish shepherdess school, Swedish city embraces its rain
Published 06/23/21
Fruit flies get hangry, Delhi teen creates affordable air purifier, Spain’s robot chef creates a stir, London’s sky-pool gives heebeegeebees
Published 06/16/21
Venus mission, Jupiter moon, worms in space, kites on Mars, Sri Lanka ship disaster, EV battery break-through, mine-sniffing rat rests
Published 06/09/21