Managing Up: A cheat sheet
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Episode #162 // We get an unbelievable number of questions every month about how to manage up more effectively. It’s important to make sure your boss doesn’t prevent you from performing at your best (or enjoying your work)!  So the dynamic you should be trying to create is to manage up to enhance performance, not just to feather your own nest. All too often, managing up becomes a Machiavellian game with a high body count, and the organization suffers tremendously as a result, in terms of both culture and performance. In this episode I cover how to really know what type of boss you’re working for, and I provide 9 hot tips for managing up in any situation. Ultimately, if you do your job really well, a good boss will enhance your work, and a bad boss will be less of a factor! Download the free PDF downloadable I've put together for you '9 Ways To Manage Up' at // Leadership Beyond the Theory is BACK! 👊️ The most practical and comprehensive online leadership program that will take your leadership confidence, skills, and capability to BRAND NEW LEVELS 🔥 We created Leadership Beyond the Theory to bridge the gap between the theory you may ‘know’ intellectually, and the practical skills you actually have in your leadership toolbox to be a confident, capable, results-driven leader. If you join the program, our promise to you is that: 👉 ANY question you have is answered personally by Marty 👉 You can implement practical techniques from the VERY FIRST LESSON 👉 You'll gain the CLARITY and INSIGHT that can only come from an experienced CEO 👉 The program content is INTERACTIVE, ENGAGING and easy to fit into your busy life 👉 You'll join a GLOBAL cohort of like-minded leaders who are ready to commit (just like you) to being the best leader they can be. Enrolments will ONLY be open until 15th October and class starts on the 18th! LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE! 🚀 Enrol now here See for privacy and opt-out information.
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