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What do you really want to know? When preparing for an interview that’s the first question journalist, TV host and comedian Andrew Denton asks himself. Andrew has been interviewing celebrities and regular people for more than 20 years, first on his ABC show Enough Rope, and now on his new show on Seven, Interview. But he very rarely has the tables turned on him. Today, Andrew sits down with Mia Freedman to talk about dealing with depression, the ups and downs of his marriage to journalist Jennifer Byrne and what’s going through his head when he’s interviewing someone in front of an audience who doesn’t want to be there.  It’s an interview not to be missed... Click here to subscribe to No Filter. CREDITS: Host: Mia Freedman  With thanks to special guest Andrew Denton Andrew Denton’s Interview airs Tuesday’s at 9pm on Seven. Catch up on 7plus. Producer: Elissa Ratliff GET IN TOUCH: Call the PodPhone on 02 8999 9386. Email the show at Find any book mentioned at No Filter is a podcast by Mamamia. Find more shows here.  
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