Bonus Episode – Introducing the Podcast, Out There
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Hey there - it's Vanessa. There will be a new episode of Nocturne in your feed next week, but in the meantime, I want to share a story from another podcast that I think you’ll really like. The show is called Out There, and it’s one of our fellow podcasts in the Hub & Spoke audio collective.  On the surface, Out There is about the outdoors. But just like the other Hub & Spoke shows, it’s so much more than that. Their stories explore what it means to be human, and they use nature as a lens to help you make sense of the world. You can find Out There wherever you listen to podcasts and at Story by Stepfanie Aguilar. Editing and sound design by Willow Belden. Music includes selections from Marc Merza and Blue Dot Sessions    
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Published 04/05/24
Published 04/05/24
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