One Road Out
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Alec had spent countless summer days near Mammoth Pool Reservoir, in the Sierra National Forest. His memories were filled with fun and relaxation. As Alec and a friend arrived at the lake the first night of the Labor Day Weekend, there was little to indicate that this weekend would be any different than the trove of happy memories he had of this place.
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As the world changes around us, how do we balance grief and gratitude? How do we stay connected enough to what we love, to be able to mobilize the energy and spirit to fight for it? Some people in Point Reyes Station, in northern California, are acutely aware of what they have, what they could...
Published 06/01/24
Published 06/01/24
As winter fades into memory in the northern hemisphere, many breathe sighs of relief, looking forward to longer days and the warmth of the sun inviting time spent outside. But some are not so excited, hanging on to the wisps of winter with its long cold nights. Support Nocturne by donating at...
Published 04/05/24