#109 Chloé Caillet: Circo Loco and classical training, "I had to unlearn all that theory"
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Coming to you from Dehli, India.... via dodgy mic in a hotel room so don't watch the sound quality! I play Vent in Tokyo this Friday, and will be making my debut in Shanghai this Saturday. On the show this week... What makes an Ibiza DJ? And does anyone want to be one anymore? Chloé Caillet is always talked up that way in the press, but there's a lot more to her than a residency at Circo Loco. One of house music's breakthrough DJs of the post-pandemic era, Chloé has really become a big name on the circuit in a way that transcends the pigeonholing that, in fairness, just about everyone in this position has to deal with to some extent. We discuss her formative years in Paris and Bristol, as well as her time in New York going to party's like former NDP guest Taimur's Blkmarket Membership. Chloé is a classically trained musician so we get deep into that debate. We also cover the AI-in-music questions, the looming changes in music tech and the wider industry, as well as the more recent ones too. I hadn't met Chloe before this conversation and it was great to be able to shoot the breeze with her on some crucial stuff. You're gonna enjoy the conversation! If you're into what we're doing here on the pod then you can support the show on Patreon! There are two tiers - "Solidarity" for $4 a month, which features the show without ads, regular bonus podcasts, and extra content. And "Musicality" which for a mere $10 a month gets you all the music we release on Hotflush and affiliate labels AND other music too, some of which never comes out anywhere else. You can also make a one-off donation to the podcast using a credit or debit card, with Paypal, or your Ethereum wallet! Head over to scubaofficial.io/support. Plus there's also a private area for Patreon supporters in the Hotflush Discord Server... but anyone can join the conversation there in the public channels, so please do! Listen to all (most of) the music discussed on the show via the Not A Diving Podcast Spotify playlist Follow Scuba: twitter instagram bandcamp spotify apple music beatport Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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