#110 Steve Davis: Snooker, fame, and modular synths, "I was sh*tting myself!"
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How many elite sportsmen know their way round a modular synthesiser? Steve Davis was the first modern star of snooker. He dominated the game in the 1980s, winning six world titles, appearing in 8 of the 9 finals between 1981 and 1989. He was ranked number one in the world for seven consecutive years, posted the first ever 147 maximum break in official competition, and was easily (Alex Higgins hipsters aside) established as the best player ever to play the game by the end of that decade. As well as being the most successful player at that point, he was also the first snooker player to do product endorsements, and fully participate in the emerging business of sports entertainment, guided by the legendary manager and promoter Barry Hearn. What brings him to the Not A Diving Podcast is his second career as a DJ and member of The Utopia Strong, an experimental band in which he plays modular synth. That's a late-career curve ball if ever there was one. But since he's also been President of the British Chess Federation and competed in serious poker tournaments, it's perhaps not as much of a surprise as it might be. I was incredibly excited to talk to Steve, and he didn't disappoint... the first NDP guest to have appeared on I'm A Celebrity is always going to be a good episode isn't it? If you're into what we're doing here on the pod then you can support the show on Patreon! There are two tiers - "Solidarity" for $4 a month, which features the show without ads, regular bonus podcasts, and extra content. And "Musicality" which for a mere $10 a month gets you all the music we release on Hotflush and affiliate labels AND other music too, some of which never comes out anywhere else. You can also make a one-off donation to the podcast using a credit or debit card, with Paypal, or your Ethereum wallet! Head over to scubaofficial.io/support. Plus there's also a private area for Patreon supporters in the Hotflush Discord Server... but anyone can join the conversation there in the public channels, so please do! Listen to all (most of) the music discussed on the show via the Not A Diving Podcast Spotify playlist Follow Scuba: twitter instagram bandcamp spotify apple music beatport Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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