House of the Dragon E9
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8:29 'civilians dont matter' — yet a common theme in GRRM's books is the plight of the common people 8:50 'Not her war' — yet her grandkids are betrothed to Rhaenyra's kids 9:08 Rhaenys didnt kill them because she saw Alicent 'mother to mother' 12:20 Rhaenys scene was not in the book, hard to scrub that from history 17:55 Aegon II actor says his character is constantly drunk 19:54 ad break 20:00 Finale trailer (Spoilers) 20:03 Vermithor — Second biggest currently in Westeros 21:10 Wild dragons living at Dragonstone 24:50 Book quote of what went down when Lord Beesbury dies 26:00 Harrold Westerling was dead by this point in the book, will he go to the Greens? 27:05 Criston Cole the Incel 28:30 Larys Strong killing his family for feet pics 32:45 The reason in the book that Aegon II agreed to become king was to save his family, or so he was told. Different than the show 34:35 Another reason Otto was able to convince everyone in the book was because they were scared of what Daemon would do 36:30 Storm's End battle coming in the finale 37:30 Winterfell teased at the end of the season? Follow us on Twitter @CultureCrave @thrones_facts, @culturecravepod Drop us a rating and review too! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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