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Was it all about the PAYCHECK for matinee idol Affleck when he signed on to play a classically conflicted Philip K. Dick character piecing together memories of a top secret assignment he completed before having his memory wiped? Or will he learn from past film flubs to forge a better future with director John Woo and botanist babe Uma Thurman? Listen in and find out!
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Potential New York senator Matt Damon finds more than paparazzi on his tail when attempts to date ballerina Emily Blunt disrupt the predestined order of the universe, and draw out a cosmic cleaning crew of grumpy old men determined to keep them apart. Can these two love birds prove that THE...
Published 03/05/11
Nicolas Cage's movie choices can often be unpredictable, even to a psychic deity like Philip K. Dick's The Golden Man. Was playing an omniscient mutant on the run a step in the right direction for the extravagant actor, or will his NEXT move bomb with the Now Playing critics? Listen in and find out!
Published 02/25/11