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FORREST GUMP's Gary Sinise is a scientist developing a bomb to eradicate alien invaders, who has the tables turned on him when he is accused of being a robotic assassin sent to blow up Earth's warmongering leader. Originally planned as a half hour short but expanded to feature length, can IMPOSTOR fool our Now Playing critics with its newly added storylines or will they cut its ambitions down to size? Listen in and find out!
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Potential New York senator Matt Damon finds more than paparazzi on his tail when attempts to date ballerina Emily Blunt disrupt the predestined order of the universe, and draw out a cosmic cleaning crew of grumpy old men determined to keep them apart. Can these two love birds prove that THE...
Published 03/05/11
Nicolas Cage's movie choices can often be unpredictable, even to a psychic deity like Philip K. Dick's The Golden Man. Was playing an omniscient mutant on the run a step in the right direction for the extravagant actor, or will his NEXT move bomb with the Now Playing critics? Listen in and find out!
Published 02/25/11