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20 Years after Rambo 3 crashed at the box office like a chopper into a tank, John Rambo returned to the big screen. Stallone, still in the afterglow of his acclaimed return as Rocky Balboa, reprised his other classic role of John Rambo, and this time he's going to Burma to give you a war you won't believe. Limbs, and children, are flying in this ultra-violent action event, but is this new Rambo for the 21st Century a return to the series better days, or should we have just left Rambo in Afghanistan in the 80's? Listen to Arnie, Brock, and Jakob to find out!
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After Rambo First Blood Part II blew up at the box office like napalm on a waterfall it was inevitable that Stallone would reprise the role for another outing. This time, Rambo heads to war-torn Afghanistan, teaming up with the Afghan rebels to rescue his only friend, Colonial Trautman, and...
Published 11/19/10
In 1985 Stallone returned to theaters as Rambo. Rambo returned to Vietnam to rescue POWs. And now, Brock, Jakob, and Arnie return to Now Playing to review Rambo: First Blood Part II, and they get to win this time! Continuing our Rambo Retrospective series, we discuss all of Rambo 2, from the...
Published 11/12/10
John Rambo, as embodied by Sylvester Stallone, is arguably one of the biggest cinematic icons of the 1980s. Oscar-nominated for Rocky, Stallone's non-Rocky film career was on the ropes when Stallone signed onto this troubled production adapting David Morell's 1972 novel to film, but with a large...
Published 11/05/10