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Hi family.  Are you getting ready for the NCLEX??   This show is the perfect NCLEX review, and as ALWAYS, we have pulled out the MOST important info that you need to become an Amazing nurse! Listen in each week while we review 77 critical topics you need to pass the NCLEX-RN Exam.  Each episode will cover these MUST-know nursing topics with a perfect overview.   Our new show is NCLEX Flash Notes.  You can search that in apple podcasts or spotify and pull up the SHOW.   NCLEX Flash Notes NCLEX Flash Notes is your go-to last-minute refresher for the NCLEX exam. Cut through the fluff and get straight to the essential information with this free resource.        
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Does insulin save lives, or does it take lives? Bodies that don’t produce enough insulin shut down, but if too much insulin is in the system it can be just as disastrous. As nurses, we are often tasked with administering insulin to our patients. When done incorrectly it can be...
Published 02/27/24
I almost killed my patient. In the days after my scary event I spent hours and hours thinking through what I had done.   I knew my ABCs, I had prioritized everything I was supposed to, how could things have gone so horribly wrong…   See our full lesson on Prioritization at   ...
Published 02/20/24