Heart Failure - 14-Day Jump-Start for Nursing School
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Full Episode HERE Your 14-Day Jump-Start For Nursing School Success Begins Now!!! Come along for a 14-day series that will push you ahead of the curve, helping you break through the most difficult nursing content with a FREE 10-minute video each day. You can access these lesson videos completely free of charge! Simply set up a password, and you're good to go. Understanding the heart's complex physiology was like decoding a secret language. Ejection fractions, cardiac outputs – the terms seemed to swirl in a sea of confusion. Hours were spent buried in textbooks, seeking clarity from professors, and collaborating with fellow students equally determined to conquer the subject. It finally clicked . . . and in our heart failure lesson, I pulled out what you need to know about heart failure so you won't struggle like I did. I hope this heart failure lesson helps you as you prepare for your nursing semester ahead . . . If you are not in cardiac, yet, save this email for later! Full Episode HERE
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