Strap In, Nursing Students! Get Ready for the Deal of a Lifetime
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Deal of a Lifetime!!   We are actually temporarily bringing back our lifetime plan.  From now through Nov 27th (cyber Monday) you can sign of for our Lifetime Plan  Enjoy lifetime access for just 9 monhtly payments of $49.  Just visit to learn more!     
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Them: "How can we help?" Me: "I don't know . . ." This is a conversation I've had countless times over the last year.  If only I had some sort of ailment that could be SEEN and FIXED . . . why can't it be a broken arm?  A simple cast would "fix" the problem in just a matter of weeks.  With...
Published 02/15/24
My first job out of nursing school was in the Neuro ICU at a very large hospital in downtown Dallas.     In this particular hospital, new ICU nurses complete a 13 week internship partnered with an experienced nurse (called a preceptor).  My preceptors name was Vanessa, she was the typical ICU...
Published 02/13/24