Mind of My Mind: Chapter 11
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Mary tries to obey Doro, she does. But sometimes obedient intent isn't enough. Pausing the pattern is killing her. The showdown is inescapable. The patternists, once reluctant and resentful, refuse to leave Mary’s side. We are invited, again, to pressing questions. Have you met someone afraid of your power? Do you understand your power, individually? Collectively? What size pattern sustains you, what can you hold? You can support Octavia’s Parables on Patreon - we are ad-free and independent, and your support helps us stay that way. We appreciate you! Transcripts are at readingoctavia.com, and you can follow us on twitter @oparables, and on instagram (finally!) at @oparables.
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It can’t be postponed, can’t be avoided. Mary and Doro must face off. Mary tries to send the Patternists away, but she’s too late. She does not anticipate surviving. And yet, and yet. Can the power of the many confront the power of the one? We are invited, as always, to urgent questions. Have...
Published 09/12/22
Published 09/05/22
The original pattern members - the first family - spread out, then draw close. Mary and Karl unshield, meld, lose control, find themselves. They decide to have a baby, despite the Patternists struggling around children. But Doro is still seeking to control the Pattern, and the tension between him...
Published 08/29/22