Sacré Bleu Rudy Gobert! ft. Eddie Johnson
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Rudy Gobert was fined $100,000 after his "money gesture" directed at ref Scott Foster... but was that enough? Should Gobert have been suspended for questioning an NBA ref's integrity to the game? Plus, Pistons GM Troy Weaver went off on a heckling Pistons fan in the stands - Ferris Bueller may have a day off but scrutiny in the NBA never does! Ooh, it's Oddball's favorite story time with NBA veteran Eddie Johnson! The always entertaining and charismatic Phoenix Suns' broadcaster and host of SiriusXM's "NBA Today" joins Amin and Charlotte to share the legendary players and coaches that helped shape his career and how the NBA greats changed the game forever. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Celtics are going to the NBA Finals, Jaylen Brown won the ECF MVP, and Charlotte is ecstatic. Amin questions her confidence since they had a hard time against the Indiana Pacers without Tyrese Haliburton and now will have a tougher battle against either the Minnesota Timberwolves or the...
Published 05/28/24
Amin kicks off the show with a quick victory lap after he correctly predicted the Boston Celtics would blow out the Indiana Pacers in game two of the Eastern Conference Finals. He then laments how yet another injury, this time to Tyrese Haliburton, has made the Celtics' path to the NBA Finals...
Published 05/24/24