The Shot Missed Around The World
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Excuses are like assholes, Amin. Have you ever seen a more awful looking shot? Charlotte asks Amin about that viral video of someone who looks remarkably like Amin at a celebrity basketball game and Amin gives his strange take on Kyrie Irving's wild left-handed floater to beat the Nuggets over the weekend. Plus, Zion is dropping pounds, NC State has more wins than the Washington Wizards at Capital One Arena, and DeAndre Ayton moves from an air mattress to the... wait, he was sleeping on an air mattress for HOW LONG?! And Charlotte and Amin are excited to see former Oddball guest Isaiah Thomas has signed a 10-day contract with the Phoenix Suns - how will IT make the best impact and possibly help them in their playoff run? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Larry O'Brien trophy has left Oddball Studios! Amin and Charlotte recap the blowout that was Denver Minnesota Game 6 and react to Jokic's "jokes" from the post game press conference. Then, they play a mini game of 'Lie Detector' and get to the bottom of who has stunk up the Knicks locker...
Published 05/17/24
Amin and Charlotte are joined by a special guest - the Larry O'Brien trophy! They hand out some other trophies to Bronny James and Wemby in its honor. But first, they celebrate a newly-happy Luka Doncic but have a hard time getting fired up about the Celtics closing out the Cavs. OKC may...
Published 05/16/24