Mavs Steal Game 1 in "Minnie"?!
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Charlotte and Amin dive into the aftermath of game one of the Western Conference finals between the Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves. They discuss everything from dad bod theories on Luka Doncic to Kyrie Irving's unanticipated scoring spree. Also, Amin and Charlotte dissect the games, focusing on Luka's dominance and Kyrie's resurgence. Later they discuss All-NBA team selections and snubs, but Victor Wembanyama's historic achievements throughout the regular season steal the spotlight. Wrapping up with a Blind Ranker segment, they speculate on improbable events, including Rudy Gobert's jump shot prowess and Luka's referee bonding. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Charlotte takes a moment to acknowledge how legendary the Boston Celtics season has been. Amin responds to Jalen Brunson sticking up for Luka Doncic after he fouled out of game 3 of the Finals. Charlotte and Amin recommend movies for the Dallas Mavericks to watch ahead of game 4 tonight.  To...
Published 06/14/24
Amin gives his recap from being at game 3 of the Celtics vs the Mavs. The Mavs lost but put up a good fight; even so, Amin feels the Mavs didn't deserve the win because of poor play. Charlotte is just happy that the Celtics were able to capitalize without Porzingis. Luka fouling out helped their...
Published 06/13/24